What is Regency?

Regina's #1 Property Hub

Buying, renting and selling a property in Regina: we have got you covered !!
We bring you, Realtor Pat Abel who is backed up with 40 years of vital real-estate experience, one of the rarest in the industry.
She has helped a lot of people in Regina in finding their own homes. From singles to newlyweds, professionals to investors, new to growing families, Pat is well-known in the Regina & Real Estate communities. Noticing property management was poorly done and had great room for improvement, Kathy and Paulo started managing their own portfolio.
Lowering vacancy rates and positively impacting tenants' daily lives, Regency began. Now helping thousands of people, from couples and families looking for their dream home, to property owners and investors, Regency is impacting lives daily.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

At Regency, our goal is to provide clean, quality, and affordably living to quality tenants. Our tenants enjoy the respect they get renting with us, resulting in high tenant retention and care of the property.
With 14 years of real estate and revenue property expertise, we understand the needs and expectations of landlords and tenants. We understand the importance of highest quality maintenance within a budget, while maintaining the lowest possible vacancy rate.


What's in this for Landlords

 Q: How do we get results for you as a landlord?
We utilize the most effective strategies when advertising your properties including social media, digital advertising, classified ads, driving traffic to our online listings, and leveraging our network in the Real Estate and rental property industries.
If your property managers subcontract the managing, chances are you probably need to fire them. It amazes us how many property management companies hire out the work, resulting in poor upkeep and a low tenant retention.As owners, we do all the managing ourselves.
Our tenant policies are clearly outlined and consistently enforced, leaving no room for confusion about expectations for the tenant renting your property.
 At Regency Property Management and Real Estate, we maximize your profits by keeping a highly-qualified and low-cost tradespeople.
Simple tasks such as changing door knobs, painting fences, and clogged plumbing shouldn’t break the bank. We take pride in ourselves in our immediate response to these mishaps, resulting in long-term relationships with you as a landlord.
We leverage our team of professionals at the best possible price, skipping the hassle of low-quality maintenance most property management companies bring when sub-contracting.We do this all while focusing on your return on investment.
For your property investments, enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind with Regency Property Management and Real Estate.
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