Pat Abel

Pat Abel

Pat Abel has been a Regina, Saskatchewan real estate agent for over 40 years as an agent, broker, owner and former manager of a large agency.  She has a wealth of real estate experience and knowledge as a salesperson and as an investor.  Her genuine love for real estate shines through whether she’s selling a home owner’s family home or looking for the perfect home or investment property.

Selling your property:

You can call or email us for a free market evaluation or an opinion of what you can do to prepare your property for sale.  We are a full MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and have access to a large client base of buyers and sellers of houses and multi-family commercial buildings.

Buying a Home:

Although Regency Property Management and Real Estate Inc. manages hundreds of rental properties, there is nothing more rewarding for us than to help a tenant or a client find that perfect home to buy.  We educate and encourage our tenants to save up a down payment so that they can become home owners someday.  We assist buyers by putting them in touch with the right mortgage broker, bank, home inspector, or contractor.

Buying an Investment Property:

Regardless of how prepared you are, you can create a disaster for yourself in a matter of seconds if you buy the wrong piece of real estate as an investment property.  This may sound a little scary, but there is a grey area that separates a good deal from a bad one.  In a good deal the numbers work, and in a bad deal, they don’t!  Buying a rental property should come only after you have identified and understand the whole market.  There is not better real estate team in Regina that understands the current real estate market and the current rental market and how they work together.  The team at Regency Property Management and Real Estate inc. has that current crucial information all under on roof.

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