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Voted #1 Property Management Company in Canada for 2010 by Canadian Real Estate Magazine!


With over 20 years of property management services we pride ourselves on making sure we are the best in Regina.  As owners ourselves, we know what it takes to make sure your property performs to its highest and best use to get the best return that you can while protecting your asset.
- Experienced, reliable, honest and professional staff
- Registered with the Regina Real Estate Commission since 2003
- Rents collected on time and deposited on time
- Experts in maximizing rents without creating vacancy


“Hiring Regency Property Management and Real Estate was the best decision for us and has allowed us to continue in the real estate market.”  Trevor and Amy Ewart (Investors)

“I would recommend Regency Property Management and real Estate to anyone who currently owns, or is purchasing real estate for the first time.  A good property can save you time, money and many headaches nd Regency does very well at undertaking this duty.” Monte Dobson - President - Real estate Investments C2 Ventures Inc.


Apartment Buildings

            Our specialty is managing Multi-Family apartment buildings.  No building is too big or too small.

“Do it WITH You”

We understand that some owners like to be hands on with their buildings to either save maintenance costs or because they just like to be involved.   However, what happens if you want to go away for a month or two.  This is where our “Do It WITH You” program can help.  Let us manage the tenants and take the calls and we will forward on the maintenance calls to the maintenance person of your choice (or yourself). We handle:
-       Tenant Placement
-       Tenant Screening
-       Take All Calls
-       Rent Collections
-       Leasing
-       Evictions
-       You will have access to our maintenance guys if need be.
-       24 Hour Phone answering service
**note: this option is for apartment buildings (4 units+) only.

“Do It FOR You”

Our full service property management team complete with our in house maintenance staff can handle any issue that may arise.
-       Tenant Screening (Equifax registered)
-       Leasing
-       In House Maintenance Staff
-       Single Monthly Statements (for ease of accounting)
-       Full Licensed and Registered Brokerage
-       Experts in Residential Tenancy laws
-       Move in/out inspections
-       Evictions
-       Rent Collections
-       Will represent owners at Rentalsman Hearings
-       24 Hour phone answering service


We understand that, as a landlord, attention needs to be paid to your property in order to keep it in great shape and provide the best return that it can.  Our staff is fully trained to deal with every aspect of dealing with your property from placing tenants to managing maintenance issues to dealing with evictions if necessary.  Please contact our office if you have a house you would like us to manage for you or would like more information on renting a house in Saskatchewan.

Condo Board

Being a fully licensed brokerage we are fully capable of managing your condo board to comply with the Saskatchewan Condominium Property Act.
-       24 Hour service
-       Administration of condo fee collections
-       Enforcement of By-Laws
-       Coordination of Capital Improvements
-       Management of Accounts/ Contracts
-       Filing Tax Returns
-       Management of Corporation
-       Access to our on-demand maintenance staff


 As owners of properties as well as managers we can advise on any potential investment.   Having dealt with over 1000 units we know the rental market and can advise on any potential deals you may have.  Further, our in house licensed Realtor understands real estate investment and has access to potential deals for you.  Why not work with us from purchase to finance to management.

Find peace of mind when you hire us to manage your property!

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