Buyer’s Guide

A Simple Guide to the Perfect Home

Thinking of buying your first home? Whether a loving home for you and yours, or an investment property to generate passive income, here's what to expect.


Finding a Property

With plenty of homes on the market, it is getting easier to find one within your budget. Check out the MLS Listings here and get started with your hunt!

Choosing a Lawyer

If there's one thing that's a must, it's getting a real estate lawyer. Avoid hidden-cost scenarios like unpaid bills owing on property taxes, and other unwelcome surprises. Here's who we recommend >link<.

Negotiating a Purchase

During negotiations, the outcome can favor the buyer and seller both.

However, one party always has the advantage. In a seller's market, with multiple offers and bidding wars, the seller/homeowner can be as particular about the terms of sale as their agent allows. In a buyer's market, the buyer can always walk away if unsatisfied with terms, due to there being plenty of options.

Find out if it's a buyer's or seller's market here, and get the upper hand either way with expert Pat Abel.

The Purchase Process

The meat and potatoes. The gravy. You found the home you love and want to make a move before anybody else does. This is the most thrilling part of the whole process, making all the suspense worth it. Get in touch with Pat Abel to initiate the purchase process and finally own your dream home.

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