Property Valuations


When you decide to sell your home, what should you look for in a home-appraiser? Want 3 tips for a high-value home appraisal? Read on.

Home appraisals are an unbiased way to determining your property’s value. A good appraiser can help you find a good sale price, and help you figure out whether it might be better to rent out your property vs selling it. When you decide to sell your house, a home appraisal a crucial step to determining what decision makes more sense. Ranging anywhere from $350 – $600 (CAD), the home appraisal gives you a current market value for your home.

Prior to getting your home appraised, we discovered 7 tips to help you get top current market value:

Clean it up. Easier said than done sometimes, but we’re not just talking about doing the dishes or taking out the garbage. Give your carpet shampooed or the floors a thorough scrub, and please dust. Try and get rid of any unfinished projects. It might be time to de-clutter the garage or find that project car a new home. Pay attention to what visitors see. Spruce up the lawn, or that row hedge and clump of bushes. Your first impression sets the tone for which parts of the house get the appraiser’s attention.

List your upgrades. Be sure to include any kitchen, bathroom, or any other room’s upgrades. Got the roof done? Installed new copper plumbing? Listing all your upgrades could total over $10,000, maybe even $5000! State the work done, the company name and the date. Even simple upgrades like paint, new carpets/floors or new light can provide significant value. Oh, and please fix any leaky faucets, cracked windows or anything that can have a significant impact on your home’s value financially.

Difference between build date and effective age. Oftentimes when a home is built over 50 years ago they often expect the worse. On the contrary, renovations and upgrades can effectively alter the “effective age” of your home.

By following these tips, you’ll get a high appraisal value for your home while helping with lowering tax payments.

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